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The essentials...

The Bryson Basics is your platform for coaching, tools, and resources to further develop and accelerate in different stages of your career. Whether you are looking to move into a new job, trying to understand how to navigate the corporate landscape or even thinking of taking the leap to pursue your own passions, the Bryson Basics provides the essentials you need to accelerate through career consulting, mentoring, webinars, and other helpful tools.



LinkedIn Level Up
Resume Revamp

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Do it Yourself:
Templates & Checklists for LinkedIn & Resume




Hustle Smarter, Not Harder


Interview Readiness

Navigating the Corporate Landscape

Influencing Up, Down, & Around

Promotion Readiness

Networking Tips & Tricks

Performance Management Preparation

Do’s and Dont’s of Role Transition

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“BriElle played a fundamental role in revamping my resume and LinkedIn business page. She gave excellent advice and tips on how to create a more professional and marketable resume and portfolio. After updating my resume with BriElle’s recommendations (professional cover letter, business professional profile picture, updated references), there was an upsurge in outreach from recruiters who were interested in interviewing me for professional healthcare positions. Overall, BriElle’s assistance and insight gave me a boost of knowledge and confidence in my job search process which has ultimately taken my career to the next level.”

— Jasmine Johnson, Client Relations Specialist

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